Sunday, January 6, 2019


Disappear or Die


Review by Roy Murry, Author

The WITSEC, better known as the Witness Protection Program was waiting for Madeleine to become a member after she saw her husband gunned down by a gangster. That event continued with another murderous one, targeting her.

Leaving the police and the FBI in search of her in New York City, she takes control of her life without government protection. The suspense begins - on the run from the mob and the government is nerve-racking which comes through in Ms. Vidler’s writing.

The reader feels Madeleine’s conflicts. She wants to live to put the SOB away for what he had done to her husband. However, how can she do this "on the run"?

All the events after she leaves NYC and finds her way looking for an apple farm can only be described as somewhat thrilling, melodramatic, and sensational. She acquires many new loves on this journey from her mental and physical prison to knowing who she is and what she wants.

With the help of new and old friends, her journey comes to an end to the reader’s satisfaction, but not in the way one would think - more suspense. Many twists and turns keep the reader’s attention.

It did mine

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