Sunday, February 3, 2019

Review of 10 DATES


Emily James

Review by Roy Murry, Author

Joanie, known in the novel as FOUR, has problems with her roommate Chris. He leaves to New York from London to find his future without her - the background story.

Because of the circumstances and her best friend Melinda's concerns, Joanie agrees to go on ten dates that Melinda has set up for her. These dates are when the fun begins. 

However, another person who is hot becomes a distraction - SIX.
FOUR and SIX refer to Joanie and his apartment number. The closeness and their bumping into each other become too close for comfort - love is in the air or is it just SEX.

Joanie and her friends, Melinda, and Mikey (Not Melinda's husband) are 'family.' The way SIX intermingles with the dates and the group is funny and enjoyable.

Emily James has put together a fun book - the characters are well defined, and the chatter, sarcasm, of them all, keep the story moving at a good pace. It's a one sitting read.

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