Thursday, March 21, 2019


Exposing Corruption in the
Department of Justice


Mainstream Media will never tell you this story about one of the members of The Mueller's investigation into a collision that has taken two years without credibility. His name is Weissmann, who also headed the Eron, Anderson, Merrill Lynch probes and trial as the lead prosecutor.

Ms. Powell exposes their corrupt "Gamesmanship," a term in legal circles referring to the way lawyers conduct themselves during a case. She contends that Weissmann and the company play the legal game dirty and illegally.

For some years, she was Jim Brown's lawyer in the MERRILL case after being a prosecutor for many years. With her experience, Ms. Powell outlines each case mentioned above, including another DOJ overreach that ended in acquittal. The detail of her discourse is overwhelming and to the point.

Ms. Powell has turned the table on the DOJ. Or has she? Will, her client, go back to prison for the government's misconduct? Will others pay the price for the Prosecutors hiding the truth from the defendants? 

The above is the exciting part of this novel/expose’ that uses the actual trial transcript to bring the point across - the DOJ does not play fair, and there are no repercussions when they lie as to the truth of a case in and out of court.   

Her point is clear and puts the government and Mr. Weissmann on the spot, but you will not hear it in the news, and we didn't know when the above cases were tried.

I found the book a little lengthy and redundant at times, but well written. It is worth 'the dime.'

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