Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Review of Ireland, A Novel

Ireland, A Novel
Frank Delaney

Review by Roy Murry, Author

"Explore all you like ---this Ireland; no family worth the name is without a secret. And you should know that in this country a secret is something everyone else knows," is said to Ronan when finding out a secret in his life. He is on the last road of his journey to find a Storyteller that started when he was nine.

Through short stories, many told by the Storyteller, letters read, people on Ronan's life quest to discover who he is, and lectures of his history professor, the reader will find the rich history of Ireland. This history told from before the Norman conquest to the Easter Rebellion of 1916 in a novel form that keeps your attention.

The roots of Irish myths, heroes, and the common man is in prose that will delight the reader - how the Irish tell a tale is fun to read. I read some stories over again. And you will too.

IRELAND, A NOVEL is one of the best reads of my career as a reviewer of over four hundred books.

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