Sunday, May 26, 2019

Review of FROM GODS

Descendant Prophecies Series, Bk 1


Review by Author Roy Murry

FROM GODS is for a young audience. So, I believe the author wrote it for that group of young people.

The plot was unusual and sometimes illogical, but I kept wanting to know what would happen in what seemed to be a one-sided love story. Skylar falls for Manson; I don't understand why, but she does.

Their paranormal adventure defied logic and was a bit funny considering the use of Greek gods as the descendants. The story had holes in it regarding those gods, which I let go and enjoyed the story for what it was - a YA genre novel - they don't care about accuracy in a series as this.

Skylar's powers will develop in the series, but I will move on to another genre. If you are young at heart and want some fun, I recommend this short read to a different world. 

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Sunday, May 19, 2019


Charlie Parker Mysteries


Review by Roy Murry, Author

This novel is the first in a charming series about an accountant who gets involved in a murder case because of her ex-best friend's request. Quite unusual, but her and the real detective, her brother, own an Investigation Agency and he is out of town on another job.

Charlie is her name; however, sleuthing is not.  In this instance, the police didn't do their due diligence. She falls into the mystery, and it solves itself because of her kindness.

Accountants do have cognitive abilities. However, Charlie has another one that is needed to become a real detective - she asks great questions, some of which get her in trouble that adds suspense to the novel.

The characters are well defined, including her dog, which will help the series move on to solve new cases. I may return.

However, I felt something was missing in the plot.  Maybe you can find it. The story was enjoyable.

Sunday, May 12, 2019




Review by Roy Murry, Author

'Why the human race makes war?' Mr. Hanson's question presented in this somewhat Ph.D. thesis in this book. He completes the examination with an Epilogue with the paradoxes of the present state of war between the Western countries, i.e., mostly the USA vs. the autocratic countries.

Having taken Ancient History in college, I have some semblance of knowledge. However, a reader, who has not, might use the Index to help understand Davis Hanson's comparisons - Ancient vs. Modern warfare, physical and psychological.

Putting aside the above when reading, the reader will enjoy the smooth flow of the words explaining our world turmoil and why humans are killing each other. His narratives into past and present conflicts, over sometimes idiotic reasons, are compelling.

This read is not for the kind-hearted, but for people who cares about the state of affairs of today's wars and they are bloody consequences. Everyone in college and those who intellectually care should read this book, which will help them understand why humans will kill in the future world conflicts.

It would be best if you put your thinking cap on to read this thesis. I had to stop and think many times when contemplating Victor David Hanson's historical commentaries. Try reading it; thinking is a good exercise. 

Friday, May 10, 2019




Review by Roy Murry, Author

As my family, friends, and few fans know, I have written three novels, a poetry book, a few papers, and each week write a book review on my blog. Lately, I have written little - mostly book reviews.

I needed a boost to get over my writer’s block. I looked for solutions because many have asked me what was my 'Work-In-Process' at the moment. I didn’t tell the whole truth.

I saw FENG SHUI FOR WRITERS and thought 'What the hell,' and bought the book. I needed an 'Awakening' to start writing again daily.

Ms. Simon's easy to read instructions on how to regulate energy in the writing area was exciting and in detail. She advises as to where to put your desk, what goes on it, and to the direction, it should be facing according to Feng Shui.

She explains what is Feng Shui and gives a pep talk on how to get writing. She got me thinking – could this work.

Her plausible solutions will lead each type of writer to the energy points needed for results, using theories that may be questionable. However, Ms. Simon came across as a believer and convinced me enough to give them a try.

It was an enjoyable read even if you are not a believer. I’ll get back to you all if it changes my mood and I am writing my fourth novel.

Sunday, May 5, 2019


Jill Orr

Review by Roy Murry, Author

Mystery, whodunits, is the genre I read the most. Riley Ellison's is not in my top five list, but I give five stars for the beginning of a new series.

The Protagonist's character Riley is a well-thought-out one, and Ms. Orr has room to age her into the mystery genre. She is young with a keen mind but lacks the maturity of a seasoned report, her role.

The plot falls into place not because of Riley but because of the small-town murder that surrounds her character. Only incidents bring about a particular ending solving the crimes. 

That said. I did love the Riley character and the supporting group that edges her on and probes her youthfulness.  She is learning the ropes and learns fast even though sometimes physically.

Bad Break was enjoyable and funny at times. I recommend it if you care to start with book one of this mystery series. I may; I read this is two sittings. Ms. Orr has three novels out now.