Friday, February 28, 2020

Review of The Carter Street Hangman

The Carter Street Hangman
A Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Novel


Review by Author Roy Murry

A serial killer is garotting young women on Carter street in 1881. When a maid in Charlotte's house dies the same way, Inspector Thomas Pitt comes into her life.

The vicar (pastor) of the local church, whom Charlotte dislikes, comes to the house to preach about sin. The ones sinning, he intimates the women and, of course, the killer.

Man's sin is different from women in those days. Proper women should not be out after dark -very improper in those days.

These and other sins were discussions of the families, vicar, and wife, but mostly between Charlotte and Pitt. Thomas Pitt interviews everyone on Carter Street, looking for the man garotting the women.

The person is difficult to find by the police, five killings in all until Charlotte and Pitt have a conversation that leads to a shocking ending. The sin hits home at the place one would not believe.

It was a good read. However, the hangman writer left me hanging.

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