Tuesday, April 21, 2020


A Cass Leary Legal Thriller


Review by Author Roy Murry

Not Perry Mason, but Cass Leary has her act together. She is a litigator who gets the job done.

Cass returns to her home town, taking on a murder case of a sports icon. The criminal is a nineteen-year petite young lady who is half the size of the murder victim, who is a six-three-foot, high school basketball coach.

Slut is just one of the names of the teen who is going through an emotional rollercoaster ride.  She believes another did the deed; she is a victim of sexual assault; she confesses to the murder.

Cass Leary must overcome these factors and her emotional baggage, family troubles, and historical background in the big city she practiced law to defend a young girl she believes is innocent.

With the whole town against her and the client, the dramatic trial begins with no hope in sight - the slut is guilty. The verdict goes to the jury, and then a wrench is put in the case's process, which erupts into chaos.

The story layout is well-defined with highs and lows, twists and turns, and an ending that will leave the reader wanting more. The author reveals Cass's next case at the end of this one, and it looks like another page-turner.

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