Saturday, November 28, 2015

Review of Blurline


Written by TW Lawless

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Peter Clancy, a displaced Australian conventional reporter, falls head over heels with an English beauty named Ruby, after becoming a sleaze writer for one of London’s lower tier tabloids. Not being upfront with the lady allows him to enter into her world – daddy is one of Britain’s entertainment royalties.

His pickup line, that he is a ghostwriter of novels, and his personality, opens the door to her heart and her world. From here, thrilling adventure proceeds into the life of the rich and famous. It’s the world that Peter would be forbidden to enter under normal circumstances.

Letting his boss at a Red Top British tabloid know what he has discovered, leads him into a story of the century. With his bosses bullying and probing, Peter investigates one of the sleaziest stories that could topple some of the government elite and entertainment royalties if published.

Add to this: drugs, abduction, attempted murder, murder, pedophilia, and lies; this novel becomes a tell-all in the life of some celebs. It’s fast paced, but you won’t miss anything.

Mr. Lawless has laid it all out for you in quick-moving prose that will have you enjoying the lovemaking of Peter and Ruby, outraged in the deceit of many, and wanting to go on to the next chapter in the life of Peter Clancy.

It's book three of a series, but it can stand alone. Start from the beginning or go to this book: 


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