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Interview with Mary Ting

Interview with Mary Ting
Author of Crossroads

Questions: R. Murry

Can you tell me a little about yourself?
I’ve taught kindergarten for almost 20 years. When my grandmother passed away, I started writing a story based on a dream I had in high school. Writing helped me heal the loss of her. Never in my wildest dream did I ever thought about being an author.  Now I have five books saga--Crossroads Saga and a new adult—Something Great with more books coming real soon.

Do you remember the first story you wrote? 
I know this sounds strange from a person who loves to write now, but I didn’t enjoying writing before. So…nope. I don’t remember…lol!

Were you inspired by someone or something? 
One of my inspirations was Stephenie Meyers. She wrote her story based on a dream she had. I did the same for Crossroads Saga, but for Something Great, it was a request from my friends.

What do you like about writing a story? 
I get to write a story I enjoy reading. It takes me to a place where I escape from everyday life stress. The best part is sharing my story with readers. Hopefully they will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Can you tell us about your book? 
I have two series. Crossroads Saga is based on a dream I had. The main character mysterious goes to this place I called Crossroads through her dreams and comes across a group of nelephims, half human, half angel—romance and action based story. Book 1, Crossroads is currently free on Kindle and Nook.  Something Great is for 18 and over. Jeanna—a college graduate seeking a good job and steady boyfriend. This book is about friendship and finding true love, and not settling for second best. I’ve recently published a book called From Gods. It is about Greek Mythology in modern world.

What genre best fits for the book? 
Crossroads Saga and From Gods are YA and Something Great is New Adult/Contemporary Romance. Something Wonderful, book 2 of SG will be released 2/10/2014.

Are you working on something new at the moment? 
I have few projects. I’m working on sequel to From Gods and Something Great sequel—Something Wonderful, and another NA called My Clarity in May, 2014.

Do you have any tips for aspiring writers? 
If you are really serious about writing, don’t give up. Don’t think about it, just do it. Reach out to authors and follow them. That way you get a feel for how to promote and what to do. Many indie authors help each other.

Where can people go to read your work? 
Amazon allows readers to read about 4 chapters. When you click on the ebook cover, it will open up. You can also read teasers on my blog.

Do you have anything to add? 
Thanks for this opportunity. Here are my links to follow.


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Review of Soul Destruction: Unforgivable

Review of
Soul Destruction:

Written by Ruth Jacobs

Reviewed by R. Murry

Forgiveness is a hard concept for many to grasp. There are many quotes on forgiving oneself and others that could fill a book.  I won’t give you one.  All I’ll say is that the world would be better off if people would forgive and forget, including one’s own stupid actions.

Ruth Jacobs’ novel is a crime against forgiveness.  There isn’t a character in this tale of sex, drugs, and crime that has the capacity to forgive, because each of the main characters is wrapped up in their own self-pity.  This,
Ms. Jacobs has well developed.  The three prostitutes, Shelly (Main Character,) Nicole, and Tara, have all not forgiven or forgotten their pasts and have used their individual pasts as a reasons for being where they are in the present.

This character driven story delves into the minds of intelligent individuals whose minds are altered by drugs and the life style they have chosen. Their decision making has been so impaired that they go over the edge, committing an unforgivable crime stemmed from the fact that no one in the group of three can forgive, forget, and move on, which might have stopped the crime.

Ruth’s writing moves the reader to peaks of disbelief that can only be described as horrific.  You feel the compassion in what she has portrayed as the life of a prostitute in the UK and feel the distress in how her characters come to their conclusions.

If you’re looking for a book that will keep you on the edge of your reading chair, this is a crime novel that will keep your attention.

Ms. Jacobs’s links are There’s the Soul Destruction website at and my author website

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Interview with Ruth Jacobs

Interview with Ruth Jacobs
Author of
Soul Destruction: Unforgivable

Questions: R. Murry

Can you tell me a little about yourself?
I’m a mother of twin sons; we have two rescue cats and a rescue Lurcher and live out in the countryside about an hour from London. My life is very different now to how it was until my mid-twenties and my past provides much material for my stories.   

Do you remember the first story you wrote?
No idea at all. But I do remember a story I wrote when I was sixteen. It was for my English GCSE exam and the title I had chosen (or perhaps there was only one) was something along the lines of “The Best Day of My Life”. I had taken some drugs before the exam - I am pretty sure it was either magic mushrooms or acid, though possibly I could have just been very stoned, but I think it was a trip that day. Anyway, my story about the best day of my life was a very long description of what happened when my protagonist got run over and he (or possibly she, I can’t recall) was up in the air. I remember the clouds looking like teddy bears. I expect the reason for remembering that story is because I was shocked, and delighted, to achieve a ‘B’ in English, as I was not that regular at attending school, and when I was, I wasn’t always present in mind.  

Were you inspired by someone or something?
My grandmother was a writer and I am sure she inspired me to start writing.

What do you like about writing a story?
I like being in the characters’ world. It’s a form of escapism for me. Though not as powerful as shooting heroin and crack (as I did in my younger years), it’s generally safer - you don’t often see a writer in the gutter with a story sticking out her arm.

Can you tell us about your book?
Soul Destruction: Unforgivable follows Shelley Hansard, a heroin addicted and crack psychotic London call girl who gets the opportunity to take revenge on a client who raped her and her friends.

What genre best fits for the book?

Are you working on something new at the moment?
I am going to be writing the second book in the Soul Destruction series very soon, but currently most of my time is taken up with activism in anti-sexual exploitation and anti-human trafficking.

Do you have any tips for aspiring writers?
Keep writing.

Where can people go to read your work?
There’s the Soul Destruction website at and my author website

Do you have anything to add?

A short story of mine, Life, about a man facing a life sentence for a crime he can’t remember committing, is free right now along with other short stories from more Caffeine Nights writers here

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Review of The Impatient Outpatient

The Review of 
The Impatient Outpatient
Written by
David Ball

Reviewed by R. Murry

Frank Sinatra sang the song My Way which goes like this:
And now, the end is here
And so I face the final curtain
My friend, I'll say it clear
I'll state my case, of which I'm certain
I've lived a life that's full
I traveled each and ev'ry highway
And more, much more than this, I did it my way...

Well, David Ball has done it his way and has faced the final curtain a number of times over a short period of his life, because fate was not always good to him and his family.  In his diaries, and they must be read as diaries, he goes into detail about his medical history.

Mr. Ball’s description of his dealings with the United Kingdom’s medical system is a mixed bag, because he goes through a number of operations in a short period of time and spends that time in different hospital wards – some good and some bad.  However, his half glass filled philosophy leads him to the conclusion that his life was saved on all occasions, therefore, all is well that ends well.

But not all ends well for his entire family.  As in all large close families, there are many endeavors to comply with – the good, bad, and the ugly.  Mr. Ball’s interesting family encounters are interwoven into his pain in and out of the hospital which is sometimes funny and or sad depending on your point of view.

His dairies are well written and compact and leave the reader thinking This could be me.  And it could be, whether in a British or any other health care system.  If you are British, you'll understand Mr. Ball’s colloquium better than other cultures.
However, anyone who has been put under the knife will understand the tribulation of begin cared for by strangers.

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Interview with David Ball

Interview with David Ball
Author of The Impatient Outpatient

Questions: R. Murry

Can you tell me a little about yourself? Yes, I’ve been in Film & TV production since 1969 and literally never had a day off until I was struck down with a perforated colon in April 2009. 5 surgeries and 4 years later I’m finally back at work.  I'm married with four children.

Do you remember the first story you wrote? Yes, it was an Agatha Christie style whodunit western screenplay written in Pittsburgh in 1984.

Were you inspired by someone or something? I was inspired by my Father’s love of western movies in the fifties.

What do you like about writing a story? I love the unpredictability of where the story will conclude.

Can you tell us about your book? My book is a true diary of survival where, on three occasions, I thought the end was at hand.

What genre best fits for the book? Autobiographical.

Are you working on something new at the moment? Yes, a compilation of short stories written over the years, some old some newer. At some point I will also start the sequel to my novel “Killing Sands”.

Do you have any tips for aspiring writers? Yes. Remember you are not writing for you, you are writing for the reader. This should increase your discipline.

Where can people go to read your work? From Amazon or via my website which is

Do you have anything to add? Enjoy your writing and readers will. Remember to re read what you’ve written and ask yourself, “Could I make this any better” and, if the answer is yes, then do it. Thanks!

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First Chapter of Three X Wives of Don Quixote Smith


Part One, An Encounter – First Wife
The Year: 1977
     My name is Maria, Maria Dominguez, born in a little village north of the city of Santiago, Dominican Republic.  Please excuse my English – my native tongue is Spanish.    I’m using an interrupter.  My Don Quixote Smith story is this:
     Many said when I was young I could dance better than any of my family and friends.  So I started to take lessons when I was fourteen.  I could dance the meringue, our national folkloric dance, far superior to anyone in my class.  My instructor would always say to friends, “Come to my class and see this girl move. She is seductively good.”  He was proud to have me as his student.
     At seventeen, I was picked to go to the capital Santo Domingo as a finalist in the National Meringue Contest.  To my amazement, I won the second prize with my partner Jose.  “Maria and Jose didn’t win because the winner was a general’s daughter,” was the cry from the professionals and friends alike.
     A man, who owned a dance studio and company, saw us perform and hired Jose and me for his touring group.  We played in many of our country’s hotels until we got a permanent one – what do you say in English? – The gig at the Hotel Lina in Santo Domingo.  Jose and I had sex many times.  I became pregnant, and then the time came when I could not dance for fear of hurting my baby.
     The group became famous and got a contract to go on an international tour.  Jose left me behind when they went on tour to foreign lands – Mexico, Spain, Italy, America, and others.  I went to my mother’s home in Santiago to have my baby and never saw Jose again until many years later.  At that time in my life, I detested Dominican men and was leery of their intentions.
     Eventually, Jose fell in love and married a Dominican-American in the U.S.A., and he became a green card resident of their country.  I wish I had his luck.  He did send money for our son and wrote me saying he was sorry, but he had to do what he had to do, whatever that means?  He also wrote that he would bring his son to the United States when he became a citizen – how fortunate for my son.  “But…What about me?” I would cry loudly in my depression, “Dominican men suck!”
     When I regained my slim body, with its admiringly round breast and tight rear end, I looked for another dancing position.  My firm, slender legs and my newly found confidence after my experience of being left on my own by Jose, gave me the strength to dance my way into another dance group.  I had the smile, personality, and seductive moves.  Also, I slept with the director, Juan Sanchez.  We used each other.  I was making my luck.
     One day Juan called a troupe meeting, informing us he had signed a contract for a group of six males and six females to tour Haiti.  I paid a lot of money to get a passport fast, because I was one of the six women he’d chosen after twenty auditioned for the job, and we were leaving in two weeks. 
     I know why I got the dance position – it was my bedroom moves that Juan enjoyed the most, not my dancing.  Juan said at the close of auditions, “Maria.  I hired you to keep the other girls in line when we are in Haiti.  You still got the moves at twenty-one – you’re special.”  The other girls were all eighteen.  Juan liked young women so he could control them.
     I said to myself, “Don’t men always mean that you're special when they want to sleep with you?”  And Juan regularly got his way.  He was troupe leader and a super asshole.
     When we arrived in Haiti, the room assignments were made at the Hotel Royal Haitian, Puerto-Au- Prince.  I slept in a room with Lia and Dolores.  Juan had his room because he was the director/dancer, using it for sex with a different girl each night.  Sometimes two would be beckoned.  Lia and I reluctantly gave him what he wanted one night.  Anything to keep the boss happy was the unhappy attitude of the girl dancers.
     The man was a Puerco, pig.  What could we do?  We couldn't leave – any of us could – he held our passports and most of our money until the tour was over.  He did this to keep control.  But, he said he did it for safety reasons.
     We were his sex slaves on call.  The men in our group were all gay except Jaime.  He played around with local whores who came to see us perform.  He was told to stay away from the girls in our group by Juan.  I started enjoying the younger girls at Juan’s request.  What Juan wants; he takes.  “I want the young ones broken in.  That’s your job.  That’s why I hired you,” was his unvarying take-it-or-leave-it orders.
     The local and foreign tourists tried to have sex with us.  I declined no matter what the money offer was because Juan said he was going to send me home if I did.  He would force me into his bed instead.  The pig started to enjoy rough sex.  I would cry after each encounter and hope for the tour to end.  After our two-week engagement at the Cape Haitian's Hotel Royal Christophe on the north-east side of the country, the tour would end, and I would be free from Juan Sanchez.
     I remember the long bus ride to Cape Haitian.  I stayed alone in the back, not talking to anyone.  I had spent the last night in Port-au-Prince in Juan’s room.  He was more brutal than ever.  I just fell into a cocoon.  I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I was crying inside. Dominican men suck!
     My body did not feel so right from the bruises to my private parts.  I decided to bear with it for the next two weeks and report Juan to authorities when I got home, even though I knew it wouldn’t matter in my male-dominated country.
     We arrived in Cape Haitian at the hotel.  Getting off the bus, I bumped into a young man who was coming out of the hotel. “Sorry…Hi!” he said, looking into my eyes intensely and giving me a beautiful smile.
     “Hola,” was all that came out of my mouth.  I was shaking.  He spoke English and I couldn’t.  Comely and sharp looking at the same time, I just wanted to squeeze him.  I had – what do you say in English? – Goosebumps – all over my body. 
     “Lia, did you see that gorgeous man who just said hello to me and walked away?” I nudged my roommate.
     “Yes. I'd like to get that man into bed!  He looks like an American.  Let’s ask someone,” she replied, licking her lips.
     She asked the hotel worker, who took our bags, in Spanish, “Hi!  Is the man that just left here an American?  Does he stay here?”
     Answering in broken Spanish, he offered, “Si, Si, he is in room #13.  He is Don Quixote Smith.  He lives in the hotel for a month. He is a businessman.” He held his hand out for a tip.  I gave him an American dollar, and he continued smiling, “He goes to the show tonight.  I help – no?”
     I handed the Haitian another dollar and told him, “Find out all you can about him and tell me later. OK?”
     “Si, Si. I find out.”
     We arrived at our rooms and took a long needed rest from our three-hour bus trip.  After showering, I laid on my bed thinking about that good-looking man Don Quixote Smith and knowing that we would meet again.  “I’ll bed him,” I said in a sinister tone. “I don’t care what Juan will do to me.  I’ll take my chances and make my luck.”

Now you can purchase Three X Wives of Don Quixote Smith at Amazon:

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Review of The Wizard & The Wanton

The Wizard & The Wanton
(Sexy Witches)
Written by Charity Parkerson

Reviewed by R. Murry

Charity is a wizard with words.  She mixes the alphabet into words and phrases that stick to your mind.  My interpretation of one of her cauldron produced locutions:  The wizard’s intelligence could only grow.  Things that got bigger made her happy… and she was happiest when his grew bigger.

In The Wizard & The Wanton, Ms. Parkerson plays with the reader’s imagination with demonic pleasures that a normal person would like to attain. However, only wizards, fates, and those with supernatural inclinations will rise to.

All is not lost for us mortals though.  We have authors like Charity to lead us into the world of phantasmal pleasures where humans dare not go, because of hell’s sinful fires of destruction.  Her scenes are so well constructed that the reader enjoys that eroticism from afar.

The story line is not predictable.  The devil holds all the cards, even though the tarot cards where laid down on (Fate’s,) Mistress Rowena, the main character’s table to be read.  Plotting along, two intertwining love affairs are produced, which leaves you thinking as to who is literally on top, until the end.    

For a short interlude with the loving pleasures of intimacy and the devil’s playfulness, I recommend Ms. Charity Parkerson’s The Wizard & The Wanton for a night or an afternoon of delectable reading.

 Here links are below in the accompanying interview :

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Interview with Charity Parkerson

Interview with
Charity Parkerson, Author

Questions by R. Murry

Can you tell me a little about yourself?
My name is Charity Parkerson and I am the award-winning author of several books including 15 Amazon best-sellers. I’m also the co-host of The Melissa Craig and Charity Parkerson show and the owner of Punk & Sissy Publications.  I worked with children for 13 years before moving into full-time writing over a year ago.  Three years ago, my first book “The Danger within” was published followed closely by “A fighting Chance”.
After realizing that I would have to work just as hard for a publishing company as I would for myself (only for much less money) I decided to attempt self-publishing two years ago. I’ve made every mistake there is to make along the way but I’ve also met some of the most amazing people. As of today, I have 30 titles available and I’m published with Firefly & Wisp.

Do you remember the first story you wrote?
I don’t remember what it was or what is was about but I do remember that it went in the trash.

Were you inspired by someone or something?
I’ve always been a vivid dreamer and I use those dreams for inspiration in my stories.

What do you like about writing a story?
I love the feeling of peace that comes with writing. I could sit for hours writing and never lift my head.

Can you tell us about your book?
The Wizard & The Wanton:
Rowena the Fate is a little too wild for her own good and always landing in trouble. Her favorite savior is Randall Cruz, a wizard and owner of Cruz Apothecary. In retaliation for Rowena dragging him into her problems, Randall cast a spell giving him control of Rowena’s powers. Unfortunately, this move only pulls Randall further into her world when Rowena ends up in her biggest heap yet. She’s lost one of Heaven’s Seers to the Devil.

How did you come up with the story?
The Fates came out to play in the final book of my “Sinners” series. After I finished that book, I had to tell their stories, as well.

What genre best fits for the book?
Fantasy Romance

Are you working on something new at the moment?
I have a secret project in the works. It’s a combined effort with another author and I cannot make the announcement yet.

Do you have any tips for aspiring writers?
Keep writing and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. You never know how far you can go until you try.

Which authors inspire you?
I’m inspired by all authors. It takes a great deal of courage to pour soul onto paper and then quietly watch as the world judges you loudly.

Where can people go to read your work?
My books are available online where most books are sold but here are a few links.

Where can people find you on the internet?

Is there anything else you would like to share with your readers?

Thank you. There are not enough of them in the world to express how much I appreciate my readers for allowing me to live my dream. 

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Review of 10276 in Two Months

Review of 10276 in Two Months
Written by Giok Ping Ang

Reviewed by R. Murry

The human psyche is very frail when it comes to the question of love.   In my opinion, the five senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch, must confirm that issue before it is answered.  Ms. Ang’s protagonist, in her novel 10276 in Two Months, using social media’s Facebook, does not establish all her senses in deciding her love for another because of the distance factor. In essence, he is on the other side of the world.

The drama of this romantic novel’s main story and subplot is so compelling that the reader will have a hard time putting the book down to take a break – it’s that mesmerizing.  Both novellas arrive at conclusions that will frustrate and endear the reader to the lead character and to her screenplay’s main character.  She is writing the play to impress her lover while fantasizing about what she would like her love to be.

Yes, the protagonist is a writer, and so is her lover.  Therefore, like many who are reading this, we use Facebook and Twitter to promote ourselves and our writing.  In their communications, some of it poetically written; they become smitten and arrive at the level of soul mates without using all of their senses – literally and figuratively. 

However, Ms. Ang’s prose has you so involved; you will believe that the outcome will be a match or matches in heaven since there are two love triangles portrayed in this narrative.  When the end of these passionate sinful predicaments arrive, you will know what it would be like, in Ms. Angs’s words, to feel what it’s like if poets ran out of poems and why these characters sank into the poison of love and lust.

If you are romantic, as I am learning that I am, you’ll enjoy this new age communication twist on courting – looking for a soul mate through Facebook.

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