Sunday, September 29, 2013

Review of A Perfect Setup

Review of Douglas Wickard's

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

The world revolves around Sami Saxton, as it seems in this complex character driven novel. The author delves into the background of the main women characters to the point of telling us their intimate sexual preferences and choices of men. Sami’s ex is the only male character that women migrate towards. That is the reason for their parting ways – other women.

A young woman is murdered and the story begins. Sami’s ex, Jerry, is the prime suspect, but he wasn’t there at the time of the crime. Sami living her somewhat psychogenic existence believes that Jerry could never kill anyone. Or, could he?  

The development of Mr. Wickard’s attractive Sami Saxton character has her in a delightful existence in New York City with her lovable dog. In her journeys around town, the reader gets a taste of the big apple. She drives taxi cab drivers crazy with her back seat driver’s attitude. But in all other parts of her life, she has little clue as to where she is going or what is happening around her.

This mystery is thrilling at points, because of Sami’s mental aliments which are minor and controllable with legal prescriptions. However, mixed with wine she gets the feeling that someone is out to get her. They are, but it’s not who she thinks it is.

Mr. Wickard keeps the reader’s attention using the character’s explanations as to why they are doing what they’re doing. Some of the explanations are intriguing and entertaining.

The novel is a quick read that a reader of suspense novels will find captivating. I can’t wait to see what will happen to Sami in her next adventure. Or, should you?

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  1. Thank you Roy for this interview! Appreciate your support!

  2. Great review of this wonderful book. I loved it so much. To me boht it and The Perfect Husband were "The Perfect Reads" lol

  3. Not much to not like. You hit the book right on the nail. I particularly enjoyed the complete understanding of her need to control something, even taxicab drivers...when Sami's world is falling apart. YOU GOT IT!!