Saturday, August 22, 2015

Review of Sentenced to Death

Sentenced to Death
By Lorna Barrett

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Ms. Barrett effortlessly tells the story of a murder that seems to everyone to be an accident. Her protagonist, Tricia Miles, is the owner of ‘Haven’t Got a Clue’ mystery bookstore in Booktown, Stoneham, New Hampshire.

In this quiet small town, on Founder’s Day, to the horror of the participants, the airplane that is promoting the event, crashes into the platform where the speaker is announcing the day’s itinerary. From this point, Tricia goes into here ‘What if…’ mode, using her sister Angelica as a sounding board.

The clues appear to Tricia, but everyone she confides in believes that she is way off base and that the deadly event was an accident and nothing more.  She is the only one convinced that there is more than meets the eye.

Tricia, in her dog-like light investigation, unravels the coincidences by just conversing with those involved with no abusive questioning. What she comes across will surprise all who read this somewhat witty Whodunit.

The prose is fast pace, nonabrasive, and rather comical in a New Hampshire sort of way. A small town, where everyone knows everyone, is a hard place to hide from a sleuth as Ms. Barrett’s Tricia.

This is my second time reading one of Lorna Barrett’s Booktown Mystery novels. If you are a Mystery Lover, as I am, check out one of her books at the local library or buy one ala Kindle:


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